All of our work is tailored to individual clients' needs. Our projects for Universities are however typically either based around a review/benchmark of existing arrangements or assistance with a tender process

Focus on Banking is very experienced in either managing the entire tender project or providing expert independent advice to an internal project team. Although we provide specialist banking advice we also have an understanding of Public Sector Procurement Regulations.

We specialise in tendering University contracts for:

  • Banking
  • Merchant Acquiring
  • Security Carrier Service

Not only are internal resources saved, the use of an external independent expert enables existing arrangements to be reviewed and compared to best practice. We will often identify savings in our review process that exceed any fee we charge for managing the tender project.

If a tender process can be avoided, or if you are looking to extend your current contract, negotiating with your existing service provider can often achieve the same results as a tender. Based on our experience of having worked with around 250 local authorities and a number of government departments plus our current knowledge of the industry we are able to compare your arrangements with those that you would achieve at tender in the current market. This will enable you to negotiate from a position of strength and ultimately demonstrate Best Value.

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