Professional Firms

Our work for professional firms is bespoke to individual clients' needs but focuses on benchmarking banking and cash management arrangements to peer firms and the wider market place. We also manage tender processes where firms wish to test the market in this way and/or secure new funding. 

Professional firms are lucrative customers for banks because of the size of client balances held and the income this generates. For many firms, however, banks are important clients and/or providers of finance to the business.

When benchmarking, we aim to review all aspects of the banking arrangements and identify where terms can be improved and costs reduced without damaging relationships. Whilst undertaking this process, it is common to have to identify areas where banks are absorbing costs (and not levying charges) and to offset this against income earned elsewhere in the relationship.

It is vital that entire relationships are benchmarked in order that fair but competitive terms are requested.

It is common for significant savings to be identified as a result of reviews.

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