All of our work is tailored to individual clients' needs. Our projects for Companies are however typically either based around a review/benchmark of banking and/or merchant acquiring arrangement or assistance with a tender process.

For many companies, banking and card acquiring costs can be substantial. It is common, however, for companies to feel that their ability to negotiate with their bank is compromised by the need for borrowing arrangements and their reluctance/inability to move bank.

Increasingly, banks are reluctant to enter in to a tender process when the primary reason is to obtain lower pricing from the incumbent bank. When banks do tender, they do not always offer their best terms if they feel that a company does not intend to actively consider moving bank.

Focus on Banking is able to review your current arrangements and compare tariffs/terms to those we see offered to similar sized organisations with comparable transaction profiles. This information will enable you to maximise savings by negotiating with your bank/card acquirer from a position of strength and avoid the need to seek quotes from other banks. Crucially, our advice also ensures that important bank relationships are not damaged.

As well as savings through reduced tariffs, our review process will often identify savings in the less obvious areas of the arrangements.

When an organisation feels that a tender process is appropriate we are able to provide specialist assistance at each stage of the tender project for either mainstream banking, card acquiring or both.

Not only are internal resources saved, we can add real value to the project by reviewing current internal arrangements together with your use of banking products and services. We will often identify savings in our review process that exceed any fee we charge for managing the tender project.

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